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Hydration redefined with Sustainable Drinking Water Solutions

Welcome to ONA Water Ireland, where sustainability and design elegantly combine to transform your everyday hydration experience. We are dedicated to providing premium water filtration and dispensing systems that meet the highest standards of quality and environmental consciousness.

At ONA Water Ireland, we are passionate about providing sustainable drinking water solutions for everyone, whether at home, work, or play. Our expertise lies in filtered mains fed drinking water systems, offering a comprehensive range from basic domestic taps to large-scale water dispensers. 

While Ireland is fortunate to benefit from an abundance of fresh drinking water sources, more than 70% of our population still relies on bottled water. This is often due to concerns about taste and odour resulting from the treatment of municipal water supplies. At ONA, we address these issues by incorporating pre-filters in all our tap and dispensing systems, ensuring that the resulting water rivals any bottled alternative in quality while being available at a fraction of the cost.

At ONA Water Ireland, we are developing  sustainable Drinking Water solutions that will combat the pressing problem of plastic waste and promote the use of reusable Drinking Water bottles. We firmly believe that by merging sustainability and style, we can redefined your approach to Drinking Water and inspire to eco-friendly choices.

Our mission is to eliminate the need for single-use plastic water bottles and replace outdated plastic drum dispensing systems with eco-friendly filtered mains fed units.

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Contact us today to discuss your sustainable, cost effective Drinking Water solution and discover how we can help create a greener future together.

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Experience the exceptional quality, versatility, and sustainability of ONA Water and discover a new level of satisfaction in your drinking water journey.