Water dispensers and filtered water taps

With ONA, we don’t just install a drinking water appliance. We offer a solution that fits in perfectly with your culture.
We promise you a proposal that fits in perfectly with your organisation. 
ONA is your drinking water, straight from your tap. ONA cares about you, your environment and our planet.
ONA offers you a healthy alternative to plastic bottles, reduces our carbon footprint and ​reduce your costs. 


At ONA, we tailor our solution to your business or organisation. Thanks to our extensive experience in water treatment, we know better than most the importance of perfect water. The result from the tap starts with a good analysis of your water needs. What is the quality of your water? How ‘hard’ is your water? The solutions we propose are perfectly conditioned and provide a total solution.​


“We recently renovated our kitchen and we chose ONA HOME after a pleasant meeting with Tommy. It gives us the luxury of perfectly filtered water from the faucet in our kitchen. The solution we chose is the Deluxe with filtered still, sparkling and boiling water at the touch of a button in a sleek and elegant faucet.  Handy, because you won’t find a solution in such a compact unit from every manufacturer. The collaboration with ONA went very well. Friendly service, precise work and flexible after-sales service.”

Ian & Lisa


We work exclusively with top brands & products. Large or small projects? One room or your entire building? We promise you
​perfect drinking water.​